CCA on Paper

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CCA on Paper

CAD 10.95

CCA on Paper presents all the print and electronic publications of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Through illustrations, documents, and visual elements, CCA on Paper reflects the diversity in subject matter and graphic design of CCA publications, while attesting to their contribution to international discourse on architecture. A conversation between Phyllis Lambert and Mirko Zardini on the history and philosophy of publishing at the CCA also runs through the guide.

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Edited by Giovanna Borasi, Geneviève Godbout, Daria Der Kaloustian
Graphic design by Chris Rowat Design, with Chris Rowat and Daiva Villa.


Published in 2017, in French as CCA sur papier
Softcover, 176 pages (4th edition)

Part of a series that includes CCA on View, a compendium of CCA exhibitions.


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