(How) do we (want to) work (together) (as (socially engaged) designers (students and neighbours)) (in neoliberal times)?
A critical discussion about work is urgently needed—in the field of design as much as anywhere else. Since 2011, Studio Experimentelles Design at the HFBK Hamburg has experimented with local design-assistance projects carried out within the framework of the St....
CAD 35.00
2G 82: Ensamble studio
Architectural works by Ensamble Studio—a Madrid and Boston-based architectural studio—are documented here in issue 82 of 2G. Ensamble Studio addresses issues such as prefabricated homes. A balancing act of imagination and reality, art and science.   Texts by Bjarke Ingels,...
CAD 77.00
2G Essays Kersten Geers: Without content
Belgian architect Kersten Geers combines his work at OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen architecture studio with his academic work and writing.   In this compilation of essays, written between 2010 and 2020, the author writes about diverse historical architects...
CAD 47.00
2G Essays Sigurd Lewerentz: A trip to Italy
Using enigmatic negatives found in Sigurd Lewerentz’s archive at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm, A Trip to Italy further explores the Swedish architect’s legacy through his personal travel photos.     Edited by Moisés Puente. Walther Konïg, 2021 21.3...
CAD 47.00
A folktale from Vietnam: Speeding motorcycles and roasted lemongrass
A Folktale From Vietnam: Speeding Motorcycles and Roasted Lemongrass is the result of eight years of research and the production of a series of photographs taken in 2013, 2015 and 2018 during Gianpaolo Arena’s travels through Vietnam.   Both the...
CAD 55.50
Not available
Not available
A+U 615: Paulo Mendes Da Rocha
CAD 56.00
A+U 615: Paulo Mendes Da Rocha
Hailing from Brazil, architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha (1928–2021) played a key role in the creation of the country’s brand of modernism through his distinct and powerful use of concrete. In his public buildings can be found something more than...
CAD 56.00
Accumulation: The art, architecture and media of climate change.
The current epoch is one of accumulation: not only of capital but also of raw, often unruly material, from plastic in the ocean and carbon in the atmosphere to people, buildings, and cities. Alongside this material growth, image-making practices embedded...
CAD 41.99
Aerodream : Architecture, art, design et structures gonflables
Des premières exploitations industrielles et militaires aux œuvres et happenings réalisés par de nombreux artistes, designers et architectes, Aerodream - Architecture, art, design et structures gonflables retrace une histoire du gonflable et du pneumatique des années 1950 à nos jours....
CAD 80.00
Aglaia Konrad: Japan Works
Aglaia Konrad’s photographic work probes the social, cultural, economic, political, and historical parameters that inform architecture and urbanism. 'Japan Works' is the result of her journey through Japan in the autumn of 2019. Using a pre-compiled list of places with...
CAD 79.95
Aldo Rossi: The urban fact
The great Italian architect, designer, theorist and printmaker Aldo Rossi (1931–97) galvanized the postmodernist architectural movement in the middle of the 20th century with his unique synthesis of influences such as Adolf Loos, Giorgio de Chirico and Soviet architecture. From...
CAD 88.00
Amazonia: Anthology as cosmology
Amazonia: Anthology as Cosmology is devoted to Amazonia, its peoples, allies, and nonhuman spirits, and their myriad material and immaterial practices, from certain cosmopolitics and visual languages to past and present forms of resistance. In all their various lines (and circles)...
CAD 39.95
Antonis Pittas: Jaune, Geel, Gelb, Yellow. Monochrome
Conceived by Antonis Pittas, this eye-catching neon publication examines the failure, collapse, and historicization of the modernist ideals espoused by Theo van Doesburg, set against the political backdrop of mass protest. It therefore more broadly presents an examination of modernism...
CAD 70.00
Apartamento 29
Featuring: Claudia Roden, Minjae Kim, Duane Michals, Alice Mackler, Alvaro Siza, Solveig Fernlund, Joan Thiele, Choi Byung-hoon, Marco Glaviano, Sydney Loren Bennett, Reza & Mamali Shafahi, Alvaro Matxinbarrena, Sarah Ortmeyer, Kunle Martins, Mounir Neamatalla, and Brian Harding.   Plus: Allen...
CAD 30.00
Not available
Not available
Apartamento n.28
CAD 30.00
Apartamento n.28
Featuring: Soisy and the Sphinx: the homes of Niki de Saint Phalle, Fritz Haeg, Paa Joe, Katherine Bernhardt, Gianni Pettena, Jose Dávila, Lisa Walker & Karl Fritsch, Joan E. Biren, Luigi Serafini, Paul Moakley, Nathalie de Saint Phalle, Roman Uranjek,...
CAD 30.00
Archetypes: David K. Ross
Archetypes features a recent series by Canadian artist David K. Ross, who works at the interface of photography, film, and installation. His images of architectural mock-ups, staged at night with dramatic lighting that isolates structures from their surroundings, demonstrate how these...
CAD 64.95
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Architects after architecture: alternative pathways for practice
What can you do with a degree in architecture? Where might it take you? What kind of challenges could you address? Architects After Architecture reframes architecture as a uniquely versatile way of acting on the world, far beyond that of...
CAD 47.00
Architecture non-référentielle
Plus que jamais, l'architecture a besoin de provocation, d'une nouvelle voie au-delà de la notion traditionnelle selon laquelle les bâtiments doivent servir de vaisseaux ou de symboles de quelque chose d'extérieur à eux-mêmes. Architecture Non-Référentielle n'est rien de moins qu'un...
CAD 45.00
Architecture unbound: A century of the disruptive avant-garde
In Architecture Unbound, Joseph Giovannini proposes that our current architectural landscape ultimately emerged from transgressive and progressive art movements that had roiled Europe before and after World War I. By the 1960s, social unrest and cultural disruption opened the way...
CAD 67.50
Architectures typographiques
Figure majeure du design graphique européen contemporain, Wim Crouwel (1928-2019) a marqué l’histoire de la discipline par sa pratique étendue du design, appliquée tant au domaine culturel qu’au domaine commercial. Au cours de sa carrière, il a réalisé à la...
CAD 37.00
Archivio n.06 : The Eighties Issue
The archives of the 1980s: 23 archives involved, 106 archival documents found, 6 original interviews, 1 horoscope from Gilardi's Phototeca in a poster size.   Every person is a memory. Memory which may be conjured up by joining the dots...
CAD 28.00
Archivio: UCSC Centenary Edition
This special edition was conceived on the occasion of the Centenary of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, which relied on Promemoria to talk about its archives through a new perspective and an unusual format as proposed by the editorial...
CAD 28.00
ARN Vol.1
CAD 68.95
ARN Vol.1
The Atlas des Régions Naturelles Vol. 1, as its name suggests, is the first of a series representing a singular photographic adventure, unique in terms of both its scope and its duration. Launched five years ago, its objective is to...
CAD 68.95
As if, Uta Eisenreich
This book of photographs is the sequel to ‘A NOT B’ (2010), wherein quotidian items are again staged and captured through the camera’s unblinking eye. Yet the images are no longer set in the innocent atmosphere of the preschool years,...
CAD 80.00
Athens by collage: The representation of the metropolis between realism, intervention and autonomy
In this publication, Athens is depicted like an incomplete and unfinished city, in which its parts are in permanent construction, or continual ruination. But it is exactly this permanent condition of instability – its openness and formal instability – that...
CAD 44.95
Atlas de botanique élémentaire
De ses promenades philosophiques à ses errances bucoliques, Jean-Jacques Rousseau a toujours témoigné d’une véritable passion pour l’herborisation. Entre 1771 et 1773, il rédige huit lettres élémentaires sur la botanique, adressées à Madame Delessert, à l’usage de sa jeune fille...
CAD 48.95
Atlas: Tadao Ando
In 2012, Philippe Séclier visited Tadao Ando’s iconic Church of the Light, and was immediately compelled to journey around the world to further study the architect’s buildings. This unique presentation of Ando’s work is the result of what turned into...
CAD 79.00
Aurore Bagarry : Roches
En allant, du côté français, de Calais à Brest et en passant par Varengeville, la pointe du Hoc, le cap Levi dans le Cotentin et nombre de bourgades du Finistère et des Côtes-d’Armor, Aurore Bagarry a photographié un paysage « à bout portant...
CAD 55.00
Avant-garde as method: Vkhutemas and the pedagogy of space 1920-1930
Throughout the 1920s and ’30s, the Higher Art and Technical Studios in Moscow, more commonly known as Vkhutemas, adopted what it called the ''objective method'' to facilitate instruction on a mass scale. The school was the first to implement mass...
CAD 100.00
Not available
Bas-Reliefs / Bas-Reliefs Détails (2 livres)
Les bas-relief en céramique de Ronan Bouroullec. Depuis le début des années 2000, le travail de Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec apparaît comme l'un des plus représentatifs du dynamisme du design français. Travaillant en duo depuis 1998, les deux frères dessinent aujourd'hui...
CAD 26.95
BAUKUNST : Pensées
Construction de collisions d’idées, d’assemblages de pensées, qui font émerger des images inédites, des silences, des certitudes, des doutes, des mondes et qui nous livrent en creux une méthode de penser et de composer. Le dessin d’un portrait, celui de...
CAD 71.95
Bedaux De Brouwer Architecten: Works 2021-2003
The Architecture Observer and Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten offer an homage to this multigenerational office based in North Brabant. Despite a number of prestigious commissions, the firm has always remained somewhat peripheral in the landscape of Dutch post-war architecture. Its...
CAD 90.00
Beyrouth : Les temps du design
C'est dans une situation pleine de paradoxes qu'une scène du design se développe au Liban dès 2000, et se voit rapidement saluée par les critiques, les foires et l'ensemble des acteurs de la branche. Cette effervescence du design au Liban...
CAD 63.00
Bovenbouw Architectuur: Composite presence
How do city and architecture flourish together ? This question is central to the three-dimensional capriccio that displays a fictional Flemish urban environment. Over time, the informal city in Flanders and Brussels has developed a unique relationship with its architecture....
CAD 60.00
Breathe: Investigations into our environmentally tangled future
This book explores breathing and the atmosphere as leitmotifs for the design of an inclusive future in a new climate regime, uncovering intertwinements of societal activities with the air and the atmosphere.With this awareness of entanglement, the deeply performative characteristics...
CAD 65.95
Buildings in print: 100 influential and inspiring illustrated architecture books
This volume showcases the best illustrated architecture books ever published. Author John Hill is the founder of the influential architecture blog "A Daily Dose of Architecture," which recently shifted course to focus entirely on architecture books of all kinds. His...
CAD 79.00
Canadian architecture: Evolving a cultural identity
Canadian Architecture: Evolving a Cultural Identity surveys the countrys most accomplished architectural firms, whose work enhances cities and landscapes across Canadas geographically varied expanse. Author Leslie Jen explores a number of significant projects in urban and rural environmentsprivate residences, cultural...
CAD 50.00
Charlotte Perriand : Politique du photomontage, comment voulons-nous vivre ?
Architecte et designer attentive à l'amélioration des conditions de vie, Charlotte Perriand réalise, dans les années 1930, des photomontages de grande taille, juxtaposant des clichés d'agence ou de photographes indépendants, comme F. Kollar, N. Dumas ou P. Boucher, à des...
CAD 74.00
Chefs-d'oeuvre photographiques du MoMA : La collection Thomas Walther
La collection Thomas Walther du Museum of Modern Art (New York) est un fonds photographique réunissant près de 350 photographies. Elle s'avère unique non seulement au regard de la qualité exceptionnelle des tirages, exclusivement d'époque, mais aussi parce qu'elle reflète...
CAD 79.95
Cite 102
CAD 34.95
Cite 102
'What follows behind this message is the latest—and longest—issue of Cite. Assembled before and during our distanced year, these stories remain fresh and relevant.   Cite, as you can see, has a new look. Its handsome print format is the...
CAD 34.95
Climates. Habitats. Environments
Modeling the curatorial as a method for uniting cultural production and science, ''Climates. Habitats. Environments.'' weaves together image and text to address the global climate crisis. Through exhibitions, artworks, and essays, artists and writers transcend disciplinary boundaries and linear histories...
CAD 79.00
Concrete and ink: Storytelling and the future of architecture
What role does storytelling play in urban imaginaries? How do these imaginaries converge or diverge from reality? Can we use stories to test ideas for future architecture? This volume brings together commissioned writing in fiction and nonfiction, graphic stories, illustrations...
CAD 40.00
Cooking Sections: Offsetted
Established in London in 2013 by artists Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, and nominated for the 2021 Turner Prize, Cooking Sections examines the systems that organize the world through food, exploring the overlap between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics...
CAD 64.50
Cruiser l'utopie : L'après et ailleurs de l'advenir queer
Cruiser l'utopie décrit un mouvement, une avancée en forme de dérive entre théorie, approche philosophique, critique d'art et récit personnel. Les œuvres citées, racontées, se mêlent au récit familial ou individuel et aux considérations plus universitaires. Cette pratique de la...
CAD 42.95
Dark mirrors
CAD 50.00
Dark mirrors
Dark Mirrors assembles sixteen essays by photographer and critic Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa focusing on contemporary fine art photographic and video practices that are principally, though not exclusively, rooted in the United States, written between 2015 and 2021. Wolukau-Wanambwa analyses the image’s relationship...
CAD 50.00
Deanna Lawson
CAD 64.00
Deanna Lawson
This first scholarly publication on the artist Deana Lawson, surveying fifteen years of her photography, will be published to accompany the first comprehensive museum survey exhibition featuring Lawson’s artwork. A singular voice in contemporary photography, Lawson has been investigating and...
CAD 64.00
Dear to me: Peter Zumthor in conversation
In summer 2017, celebrated Swiss architect Peter Zumthor curated the exhibition Dear to Me at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, marking the 20th anniversary of one of his most famous designs. Part of the program were conversations with philosophers, curators, historians, composers,...
CAD 220.00
DÉCOR n° 01
CAD 54.00
DÉCOR n° 01
Traiter la notion de « décor » implique au moins deux présupposés : d'une part que la critique moderne de l'ornementation et du décoratif n'a pas eu raison du décor ; et d'autre part que la réhabilitation ludique et parfois...
CAD 54.00
Design pour un monde réel
Réédition critique en français d'un ouvrage absolument précurseur et fondamental pour l'inclusion des problématiques sociales, environnementales et des enjeux de durabilité dans les démarches de conception : le manifeste d'une reconfiguration radicale du domaine du design, de ses formes mais...
CAD 48.95
Not available
Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births
While birth often brings great joy, making babies is a knotty enterprise. The designed objects that surround us when it comes to menstruation, birth control, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood vary as oddly, messily, and dramatically as the stereotypes...
CAD 59.00
Dixit n.03 : Nature Morte / Still life
The third issue of the critical review Dixit in which the words of the architectural practice OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen and the Brussels artist Richard Venlet confront each other around the theme of "Still Life".   The completion of the...
CAD 36.00
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