Actions: What You Can Do with the City
Actions: What You Can Do With the City presents original research and writing that explores how the design and experience of contemporary cities can be shaped by human actions.The book documents and presents projects by a large and diverse group...
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Afterword: J
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Afterword: J
Afterword is a series of CCA publications that document and reflect on the realization of projects. Each Afterword looks back on a selected CCA project after a pause to critically assess its context and process, to consider newly-disclosed aspects of...
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An English Arcadia, 1600–1900
The relationship between landscape, garden, and built works is at the heart of the aesthetic that governs the English country house. An English Arcadia includes items selected from the CCA’s John Harris collection the relate specifically to the history of...
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AP164: Ábalos&Herreros, Selected by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, Juan José Castellón González, Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, with an interpretation in photographs by Stefano Graziani
This book presents three contemporary encounters with the Ábalos&Herreros archive at the CCA. Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, Juan José Castellón González, and Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu developed readings of the material, which they articulated through exhibitions and...
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Archaeology of the Digital
Published on the occasion of the 2013 exhibition Archaeology of the Digital, this book delves into the genesis and establishment of digital tools for design conceptualization, visualization, and production at the end of the 1980s. How was the transition from...
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Architectural Installations: 5 Québec Architects at the CCA
Produced in conjunction with Le Printemps du Québec en France, this publication offers a retrospective of positions adopted by the five Québec architects invited by the CCA and guest curator Randy Cohen to create installations presenting their work in the...
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Architecture and Cubism
A fundamental tenet of the historiography of modern architecture holds that cubism forged a vital link between avant-garde practices in early twentieth-century painting and architecture. This publication, the first historically focused examination of the issue, returns to the original site...
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Architecture and Its Image: Four Centuries of Architectural Representation
Architecture and Its Image explores the idea of serial imagery in architectural representation through works dating from the Renaissance to the late twentieth century.Published on the occasion of the opening of the new CCA building in 1989, Architecture and Its...
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Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War
Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War documents the extensive contribution of architecture to the Second World War, and considers how it questioned architectural methods and fundamental structures, and lead to the supremacy of modernism.This publication...
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Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernization Effects
Before architectural postmodernism was named as such, the process of postmodernizing architecture had already begun implicating architectural work in the increasingly information-driven logic of the late twentieth century. Though radical, the effects of this process have long been excluded from...
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Asymptote Architecture - NYSE Virtual Trading Floor
In 1997, the New York Stock Exchange commissioned Asymptote Architecture, in collaboration with the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC), to design a virtual environment to visualize real-time numerical and statistical data.In this publication, Lise Anne Couture and Hani Rashid, founding...
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Autonomy and Ideology: Positioning an Avant-garde in America
This collection of essays presents the proceedings of a conference organized by Phyllis Lambert, director and founder of the CCA, and the architect Peter Eisenman to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of the architect Philip Johnson (1906–2005). While paying tribute to...
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Bernard Cache, Objectile
In this publication, Bernard Cache and Greg Lynn discuss the origins of Objectile, a web-based system for generating unique decorative panels and furniture which predicted a future of customizable form on demand.In 2015, Cache’s twenty-year-old dream of industrially produced nonstandard...
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Besides, History: Go Hasegawa, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen
What role can history play in contemporary architecture practice? Besides, History: Go Hasegawa, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen invites three architects to reread, redraw, translate, and appropriate from the past and from each other in order to construct relationships between and meanings...
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Building a new New World: Amerikanizm in Russian Architecture
Idealized representations of America, as both an aspiration and a menace, played an important role in shaping Russian architecture and urban design from the American Revolution until the fall of the Soviet Union. In Building a new New World, Jean-Louis...
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Buildings in Boxes: Architectural Toys from the CCA
In 1990, the CCA acquired a collection of over three hundred architectural toys and games. The collection, assembled by the American sculptor and architect Norman Brosterman, spans nearly two centuries of toy manufacture in more than five countries. These toys...
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Can Design Be Devious? The story of the Robert Moses bridges over the Long Island parkways, and other explorations of unexpected political consequences of design
This digital publication explores the story of the planning and politics of a series of overpasses on Long Island, commissioned in the 1920s and 1930s by Robert Moses. The story suggests that the bridges had been designed to prevent the...
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Canadian Centre for Architecture: Building and Gardens
To mark the 1989 public opening of the CCA, Canadian Centre for Architecture: Building and Gardens documents the design and construction of the CCA’s building. Together, the essays and illustrations reveal the potential of a museum of architecture as a...
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Casablanca Chandigarh: A Report on Modernization
Casablanca Chandigarh: A Report on Modernization documents two complementary urban realities that have played a fundamental role in the imagination, definition, and redefinition of the twentieth-century modern city. Shifting away from an understanding of architecture as the construction of monumental masterpieces,...
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CCA on Paper
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CCA on Paper
CCA on Paper presents all the print and electronic publications of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Through illustrations, documents, and visual elements, CCA on Paper reflects the diversity in subject matter and graphic design of CCA publications, while attesting to...
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CCA on View
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CCA on View
CCA on View is a visual guidebook to the exhibitions produced by the Canadian Centre for Architecture since its founding in 1979. From The Preservation and Conservation of Prints and Drawings of Ernest Cormier (1885–1980), mounted in the lobby of the Canadian...
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CCA Tote - 2019 edition
A sturdy canvas bag for toting your most valued possessions, featuring two sets of straps: one over-the-shoulder, the other hand-held. Available while supplies last. Made in Canada for the CCA40 x 30 x 20 cm (15.5” x 12” x 4”)...
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CCA Tote - 2020 edition
A sturdy canvas bag for toting your most valued possessions, featuring two sets of straps: one over-the-shoulder, the other hand-held. The 2020 edition includes an interior pocket for keeping your phone and keys handy. Available while supplies last. Made in...
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Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective
Published in conjunction with the Architectural Association (AA), this two-volume anthology assembles the entirety of Cedric Price’s projects, articles, and talks, including many previously unpublished. Mainly featuring materials from the Cedric Price Fonds at the CCA, Cedric Price Works 1952-2003 showcases...
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