Avant-garde as method: Vkhutemas and the pedagogy of space 1920-1930
Throughout the 1920s and ’30s, the Higher Art and Technical Studios in Moscow, more commonly known as Vkhutemas, adopted what it called the ''objective method'' to facilitate instruction on a mass scale. The school was the first to implement mass...
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fig. n.06 : antithèse
Dans la continuité du dernier numéro consacré à l’oxymore, fig. décide de prolonger les réflexions sur les notions de contraire et de contradiction dont notre époque déborde, à travers ce nouveau numéro consacré à l'antithèse.   Attendez-vous de l’architecture qu’elle...
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Institution as Praxis: New curatorial directions for collaborative research
Institution as Praxis explores new curatorial and artistic practices that contribute to the expansion of institutional, practice-based, and collaborative research methods. Offering an overview of how creative practices are modifying the ways we think about both knowledge production and research in...
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Le système Minard : Anthologie des représentations statistiques de Charles-Joseph Minard
Pionnier en matière de représentation de données statistiques, l’ingénieur français en génie civil Charles-Joseph Minard a fait de ses cartes et tableaux des outils permettant de comprendre les bouleversements sociaux et économiques qui transforment l’Europe et le reste du monde...
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Proxemics and the architecture of social interaction
Architecture is a constant presence in the study of human interaction- acting as both the ground on which human social behavior is performed and a means of shaping subjectivity itself. ''Proxemics'' was an attempt to visualize and instrumentalize these dynamics,...
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