Beyrouth : Les temps du design
C'est dans une situation pleine de paradoxes qu'une scène du design se développe au Liban dès 2000, et se voit rapidement saluée par les critiques, les foires et l'ensemble des acteurs de la branche. Cette effervescence du design au Liban...
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Designing modernity: Architecture in the Arab world 1945-1973
Designing Modernity: Architecture in the Arab World 1945-1973 is the result of a fascinating investigation by international experts into the influences of modernist architecture in the Arab world. Nine case studies provide the foundation for a thorough exploration of the...
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Futures of the architectural exhibition: Five conversations on the display of space
Architecture and design exhibitions have long been important public sites of broadcasting, experimentation, position-taking, and the interrogation of fundamental aspects of the designed environment. Just as individual exhibitions have constituted key benchmarks within the disciplinary history of architecture, the representation...
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Observation is a constant that underlies all approaches
In this collection of Phyllis Lambert’s personal photographs taken over several decades during her daily routines, her travels, or at work, observation turns into a quest to understand and reveal what might otherwise remain overlooked.   “Many persuasive reasons to...
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