Architectures typographiques
Figure majeure du design graphique européen contemporain, Wim Crouwel (1928-2019) a marqué l’histoire de la discipline par sa pratique étendue du design, appliquée tant au domaine culturel qu’au domaine commercial. Au cours de sa carrière, il a réalisé à la...
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Charlotte Perriand : Politique du photomontage, comment voulons-nous vivre ?
Architecte et designer attentive à l'amélioration des conditions de vie, Charlotte Perriand réalise, dans les années 1930, des photomontages de grande taille, juxtaposant des clichés d'agence ou de photographes indépendants, comme F. Kollar, N. Dumas ou P. Boucher, à des...
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Feminist art activisms and artivisms
‘Feminisms’ (as a plural) is widely used today to draw attention to inequalities and to critique the status quo in limiting women’s roles/ positions/ lives/ potential. Art can offer a vision of future worlds, manifesting a desire for projecting change,...
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Gordon Matta-Clark : Open house (v.f.)
Pièce majeure de la collection du MAMCO de Genève, Open House, créée à l'origine à SoHo (New York) durant le printemps 1972, est la seule œuvre de grande dimension de l'artiste américain Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) conservée par une institution.  ...
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Gordon Matta-Clark: Open house
In 1972, Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–78) installed a dumpster on the street between 98 and 112 Greene Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, an architectural artwork he called Open House. Matta-Clark used discarded, scavenged materials—old pieces of wood, doors—to subdivide the space...
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Gordon Matta-Clark: splitting, cutting, writing, drawing, eating
American artist Gordon Matta-Clark is perhaps best known for the site-specific artworks he made in the 1970s. His body of work includes performance and recycling pieces, space and texture works, and his “building cuts”. Matta-Clark used a number of media...
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Itee Pootoogook: Hymns to the silence
Itee Pootoogook belonged to a new generation of Inuit artists who are transforming and reshaping the creative traditions that were successfully pioneered by their parents and grandparents in the second half of the 20th century.   A meticulous draughtsman who...
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Matières premières
Matières premières s’ouvre sur trois citations de femmes – Anne Truitt, Anni Albers et The Slits – qui donnent le ton au premier livre de l’artiste visuelle Annie Descôteaux. Entre la confidence et le désaveu, la révolte et la boutade,...
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Ronan Bouroullec : crayon-pinceau
Une sélection de dessins récents de Ronan Bouroullec.   Depuis le début des années 2000, le travail de Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec (nés respectivement en 1971 et 1976) apparaît comme l'un des plus représentatifs du dynamisme du design français. Travaillant...
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softspot is a fragile space seeking to make sense of a complex now. Through a collaborative process of editing and exchange between James Taylor-Foster and OK-RM, softspot is a dive into the recent past. Imagined as a container for the...
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Spring / Summer + Autumn / Winter
Nigel Peake's drawings for Japanese distillery Mitosaya.    Mitosaya is a distillery founded by Hiroshi Eguchi, located in Chiba prefecture, a few hours outside of Tokyo. It use to be a botanical garden. I have visited twice, both times in...
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What seems random usually isn't
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What seems random usually isn't
In the words of Douglas Coupland, KNOWING EVERYTHING TURNS OUT TO BE SLIGHTLY BORING, and A LACK OF SHAME IS RESISTANCE. From big data to democracy, his ongoing slogan series presents the topics of our times with bracing, provocative wit...
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