Irma Boom: Book manifest
In Book Manifest, Dutch designer Irma Boom presents her vision on the essence, meaning and relevance of the book. Based on the in-depth research that Boom conducted into the development of the book in the library of the Vatican. Book Manifest at...
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Absolute Beginners
Iñaki Ábalos explores forms of innovation in architecture in his new book. Drawing on diverse materials elaborated during the twenty years since the publication of his best-known book, The Good Life, Ábalos examines questions centered on how and why architectural creation—at...
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Aldo & Hannie van Eyck. Excess of architecture
Dutch architects Aldo and Hannie van Eyck met as students of architecture and married in 1942, and worked together closely on most projects, interrupted only for a few years in the late 1970s. This book, part of the Everything series...
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Architect, verb. The new language of building
Architect Reinier de Graaf punctures the myths behind the debates on what contemporary architecture is. Architecture, it seems, has become too important to leave to architects. No longer does it suffice to judge a building solely by its appearance, it...
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Faire : Regarder le graphisme, volume 12 (n° 42-43-44-45)
Les numéros 42 à 45 de la revue critique consacrée au graphisme. nº 42 — 12 ou 13 choses que je sais d'elle : F.R.DAVID, Victoire Le Bars et Benjamin Thorelnº 43 — Un caractère : L'« écriture typographiée », Thierry Chancognenº 44 — Une énigme...
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Make do with now: New directions in Japanese architecture
Make Do With Now presents a new perspective on Japanese architecture by introducing a young generation of architects and designers. Influenced by the Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011, they share the desire for a sincere engagement with...
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A book on making a Petite École
As part of the 2019 Biennale d’architecture et de paysage in Versailles, France, MOS constructed Petite École, a small, open-air pavilion to house educational workshops for children. It is a place for looking and making, and for making and looking,...
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Vers un art anthropocène : L'art écologique américain pour prototype
Comment un mouvement artistique entièrement consacré à l'écologie et apparu aux États-Unis au cours des années 1960 a-t-il pu passer pratiquement inaperçu jusqu'à aujourd'hui ? Telle est la question au cœur de cet ouvrage qui retrace les conditions d'émergence et...
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