Polygone no.1 : Amour
Dans un monde terreau de multiples scissions, ce second numéro explore les liens entre l’amour, l’architecture et la société, au travers de 400 pages unissant texte et représentation graphique. Du fantasme à la rupture, la structure éditoriale dessine les étapes...
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Arch + The Great Repair: Politics for a society of repair, A reader
A theoretical approach to repairing society from the perils of capitalism and overconsumption This collaborative project between ARCH+, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, ETH Zurich and the University of Luxembourg proposes a vision of societal repair based on practices of care,...
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Women in architecture: Documents and histories
The first installment in nai010’s new Women in Architecture series, Documents and Histories offers a many-faceted exploration of multivocality in architecture. Catja Edens reflects on the diverse roles of women in architecture; Lara Schrijver's essay strives for a shift from...
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Cyberfeminism index
When learning about internet history, we are taught to focus on engineering, the military-industrial complex and the grandfathers who created the architecture and protocol, but the internet is not only a network of cables, servers and computers. It is an...
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Al Hayya Issue 3: Everything is on the table
Issue 3, Everything is on the tableالعدد الثالث، المَطبَخ والطَّعَامThe third issue focuses on the infinite ways that food and feminism intersect.يركز العدد الثالث على الطرق اللامتناهية التي يتقاطع بها الطعام مع النسوية.Conversations over a meal, or about a meal,...
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Femme, Indigène, autre : Écrire le féminisme et la postcolonialité
Dans Femme, indigène, autre, Trinh T. Minh-ha explore la question de l’écriture d’un point de vue postcolonial et féministe. Ce livre qui s’inscrit à l’intersection de différents domaines – critique littéraire, anthropologie, études culturelles, études de genre – juxtapose plusieurs...
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