João Gomes da Silva: The order of landscape
The Order of Landscape presents a powerful insight into the work of a forefront figure in contemporary landscape architecture, João Gomes da Silva. Through an extensive duotone photo essay by João Carmo Simões, a collection of texts and a set...
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Ge(ssenwiese), K(anigsberg): Library for Radioactive Afterlife
Gessenwiese and Kanigsberg form part of a landscape that has been in a process of constant change since 1946. The overburden from the mining industry created radioactive spoil heaps and lakes that are being rehabilitated by various means: plants growing...
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Critical coast. Coastal Imaginaries: Danish Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2023
'Critical Coast' is a cross-disciplinary reader that explores the ecologies and spaces of coastal landscapes, the urgencies of contemporary coastlands, and diachronic ideas about coastal futures. In continuation of the exhibition 'Coastal Imaginaries' curated by Josephine Michau in the Danish...
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Esse 110 : Agriculture
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Esse 110 : Agriculture
Brisant les divisions sédimentées entre zones rurales et zones urbaines, ce numéro fait place aux imaginaires agricoles et aux relations entre les humains et la terre qui nous mettent au défi de repenser notre compréhension de l’agriculture, sa relation aux...
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Landscape with(out) Locus: Negotiating images vol. 2
How do we understand landscape today? How do we discuss and visualize nature? Can they be conceived and represented as something existing independently of the viewer, now that the human race has gotten into a very last corner of the...
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Takashi Homma: Thirty-Six views of Mount Fuji
This collection of new work by celebrated photographer Takashi Homma approaches one of the most iconic and widely represented images in Japan and the world: Mount Fuji. With its title referencing Hokusai’s famous series of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Homma evokes...
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Louise Bourgeois : Les fleurs
La série de fleurs peintes à la gouache sur papier de Louise Bourgeois.   Née en 1911 à Paris, installée à New York depuis 1938 et jusqu'à sa mort en 2010, Louise Bourgeois a créé en plus de 60 ans...
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De l'eau jusqu'au nombril
De 1973 à 1978, le groupe d’architectes, artistes et designers Ant Farm, composé d’une dizaine de membres, a travaillé à la conception d’une plateforme marine destinée à communiquer avec les dauphins. Il ne s’agissait pas seulement de les observer mais...
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