Actions: What You Can Do with the City

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Actions: What You Can Do with the City

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Actions: What You Can Do With the City presents original research and writing that explores how the design and experience of contemporary cities can be shaped by human actions.

The book documents and presents projects by a large and diverse group whose personal involvement has triggered radical change in today’s cities. International in scope, the thirty texts include personal observations by a range of activists alongside scholarly reflections on the positive impact these individual initiatives have on the city. The texts are interspersed with a selection of specific actions.

Edited by Giovanna Borasi and Mirko Zardini
Essays by Vikram Bhatt, Giovanna Borasi, Tali Hatuka, Dan Hill, Sarah Hill, Ocean Howell, Hans Ibelings and Debra Solomon, Momoyo Kaijima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Sonia Lavadinho, Nina-Marie Lister, Richard Reynolds, David Ker Thomson, and Mirko Zardini
Texts by Jochen Becker and Alejandra López, Katrin Bohn, Brendan M. Brogan and George J. Grella Jr., Coloco, Henk Döll, Fergus the Forager, Omar Freilla, Fritz Haeg, Zoe Laughlin, Thomas Leo Ogren, Emily Rauhala, Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen, and Andre Viljoen
Graphic design by Novak

Published in French as Actions : Comment s’approprier la ville
Co-published in 2008 with SUN
Softcover, 240 pages


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