Duodji reader: Twelve essays on duodji by Sámi writers

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Duodji reader: Twelve essays on duodji by Sámi writers

CAD 64.95

''Duodji Reader'' is a selection of twelve essays on duodji by Sámi duojárat and writers from the past 60 years. The craft practices of Indigenous peoples from all over the world have been getting increased attention and appreciation globally over the last few decades. It has also become a topic that has occupied its fair share of discourse in academia and in art education. As a contribution to this interest in Indigenous art and crafts practices, we offer this book on Sámi duodji. Duodji is the artistic crafts form of the Indigenous people of the European Arctic. Duodji refers not only to the end result, the finished object itself, but also describes the whole process - from the incipient idea to the final product. Duodji demonstrates a holistic circle of creation, how nature and humans collaborate in recognising, visualising, and shaping items that serve the need for both practical use and aesthetic form.


''Duodji reader: Twelve essays on duodji by Sámi writers'' is produced by Sámi Allaskuvla and Norwegian Crafts. The publication is edited by the professors Gunvor Guttorm and Harald Gaski, and contains essays from eleven prominent Sámi scholars, duojárat, and writers from North, South, and Lule Sámi areas. The essays are presented in Lule, South or North Sámi as well as in English. The publication also contains a wide-ranging selection of photographs of duodji by more than thirty contemporary duojárat. The book is well-suited both as background and text material for education in crafts, as well as a resource for the theory and practice of Sámi duodji as an Indigenous art form with long roots in the Arctic North.


Gunvor Guttorm, Harald Gaski

Davvi Girji, 2022

24.25 X 18 cm, 257 pages

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