Meditations on Piero: Sculptures by Geoffrey Smedley

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Meditations on Piero: Sculptures by Geoffrey Smedley

CAD 12.95

A group of works by the contemporary British Canadian sculptor Geoffrey Smedley present an opportunity to explore the links between architecture and geometry, cosmology, surveying, and human anatomy. Smedley was initially inspired by the attempts of the Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca to draw the mathematically “ideal” proportions of a human head. Piero performed a conceptual sectioning of the head in elevation and plan, exploiting a new technique of graphic representation that had great repercussions within the European architectural tradition. After many years of creative meditation on these drawings, Smedley decided to translate their mystery into physical form, working the way an architect works to extract from them the structure of his sculptures. Meditations on Piero discusses the significance of Piero’s drawings and Smedley’s sculptures for architectural practice.

Edited by Gerald Beasley
Essays by Louise Pelletier, Alberto Pérez-Gómez, and Geoffrey Smedley
Book design by Fugazi

Published in 2001
Bilingual English-French edition
Softcover, 64 pages


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