Seeing <—> Making: Room for thought

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Seeing <—> Making: Room for thought

CAD 41.95

Philosopher Susan Buck-Morss collaborates with Kevin McCaughey of Boot Boyz Biz and Adam Michaels of Inventory Press on this experimental image-text renewal of McLuhan, Berger and Benjamin.

Seeing <―> Making: Room for Thought both studies and presents the creative process of constructing ideas with images. By activating the techniques of montage and analogy, the book reveals a wide field of view and a space to engage new critical connections between a multiplicity of objects from the past and present. Realized through an intergenerational collaboration of three cultural producers committed to making theory visible, a transformative anthology of critical essays by Susan Buck-Morss anchors this kaleidoscopic project. Images and ideas sync with Buck-Morss’ perceptive texts on visual culture, history, politics and aesthetics, fusing criticism with visual play and linking collective imagination and social action.


In both design and content, the book builds upon the dynamic sensorium of Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore's book The Medium Is the Massage, Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project and John Berger's Ways of Seeing. This innovative volume brings Buck-Morss’ more experimental, visually engaged work to the fore in a way that has not been available in the usual contexts within which her writing has appeared.


Susan Buck-Morss, Kevin McCaughey, Adam Michaels

Inventory press, 2024

19.5 X 12 cm, 400 pages



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