The 60s: Montréal Thinks Big

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The 60s: Montréal Thinks Big

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In the 1960s, Montréal embarked on a program of urban change on a monumental scale. With its metro, expressways, new skyscrapers, underground shopping promenades, and the 1967 World’s Fair, the Montréal of that era offers a powerful example through which to approach the general case of the architectural, urban and social transformations that many major Western cities underwent in the second half of the twentieth century.

Published to accompany the 2004–2005 exhibition The 60s: Montréal Thinks Big, this volume explores the ideas that were to define Montréal’s future—ideas whose effects are still being felt today.

Edited by André Lortie
Essays by Marcel Fournier and André Lortie
Discussion between Jean-Louis Cohen and Michael Sorkin, moderated by André Lortie
Photographic portfolios by Olivo Barbieri
Graphic design by George Vaitkunas

Published in French as Les années 60: Montréal voit grand
Co-published in 2004 with Douglas & McIntyre
Softcover, 216 pages


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