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The copies

CAD 16.00

This sixth volume in the CCA Singles series presents the work produced by Bas Princen in the framework of the 2016–2017 research project entitled Architecture and/for Photography and further developed by the author in an exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum. Focusing on three photographs in the CCA collection, Princen explores how the three-dimensionality of architecture is captured in a photographic image, and how the materiality of that image exposed through iterated enlargements applied to it can in turn open up new forms of experience of that architecture. Princen’s work is complemented by an edited interview with the author.



CCA Singles are short printed one-offs that present one voice, one object, or one event. Ranging from raw source material to edited topical reflections, they propose intimate contact with ideas generated or collected at the CCA.


Bas Princen

Design by NORM, Zurich
Printed by Druckerei zu Altenburg (DZA)
15,4 x 23,1 cm, 48 pages


CCA Singles are supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.



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