Things we do together: The post-reader

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Things we do together: The post-reader

CAD 39.00

A call for collectivism and collaboration in a world that prioritizes individualism, with insights from artists and researchers worldwide.


This anthology collects essays and honest conversations with creative practitioners invested in social justice. Artists, activists, researchers and educators initiate social situations all over the world; in places where institutions fail them, they establish their own, working collectively for the benefit of the community and in cooperation with the community. Collaboration can be a way of disrupting existing systems both in the art world and in everyday life, where capitalism and extreme individualism lead to the collapse of communities and the deepening of social inequalities. The reports gathered here come from many years of experience in Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, Mexico, the United States and Brazil.



Marianna Dobkowska, Krzysztof Lukomski

Mousse Publishing, 2021

340 pages, 30 X 15cm

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