What seems random usually isn't

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What seems random usually isn't

CAD 75.00

In the words of Douglas Coupland, KNOWING EVERYTHING TURNS OUT TO BE SLIGHTLY BORING, and A LACK OF SHAME IS RESISTANCE. From big data to democracy, his ongoing slogan series presents the topics of our times with bracing, provocative wit and graphic impact. Laid out one per page against a spectrum of solid colors, these statements revisit the work of Jenny Holzer through a 21st-century filter. In just a few words each time, Coupland makes sense of our culture at large. In addition to existing slogans, the book reveals ten exclusive slogans and an original essay by the artist.


Douglas Coupland

Foreword by Peter Saville

Just An Idea, 2021

26 x 20.5 cm, 96 pages

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