Everyday matters: Contemporary approaches to architecture

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Everyday matters: Contemporary approaches to architecture

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Many architects are seeking ways to respond to a world that suffers from overbuilding, yet where millions remain homeless and lack rudimentary infrastructure. Beyond the built form, these practitioners are expanding their focus to quotidian objects, basic resources, issues of race and gender, daily routines, and maintenance protocols. Featuring contributions by architectural designers, historians, and theoreticians, as well as scholars in fields such as cultural geography, environmental anthropology, political philosophy, and sociology, this book chronicles how the everyday has influenced contemporary approaches to architecture and urbanism, triggering the rise
of a new ethics and aesthetics.


With a foreword by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley.

Photos by Ciro Miguel.

Contributions by Caitlin DeSilvey, Geisa Garibaldi (Concreto Rosa), Vanessa Grossman, Anna Heringer, Andrés Jaque (Office for Political Innovation), Guillermo López and Anna Puigjaner (MAIO), Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Markus Miessen (Studio Miessen), Ciro Miguel, Mouraria 53, Djamila Ribeiro, Renzo Taddei, Ilze and Heinrich Wolff (Wolff Architects).



Edited by Vanessa Grossman, Ciro Miguel.

Ruby Press, 2021

20 X 12 cm, 208 pages


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