Retail apocalypse
As shopping shifts online and the economic shocks associated with the coronavirus pandemic push bankruptcies to unprecedented levels, retail is facing its own version of the end of days. The arsenal of commercial techniques that retail has developed can no...
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Les Grands magasins
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Les Grands magasins
Les Grands magasins sont nés du grand élan libérateur de la Révolution qui supprima le carcan des corporations. A l'heure où les déplacements se faisaient à pied, ils se sont développés dans le centre de la ville grâce aux omnibus,...
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Shopping Mall (object lessons)
The mall near Matthew Newton's childhood home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was one of the state's first enclosed shopping malls. Like all malls in their heyday, this one was a climate-controlled pleasuredome where strangers converged. It boasted waterfalls, fish ponds, an...
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La fabrique du consommateur : une histoire de la société marchande
Vers 1800, la plupart des Français étaient des paysans qui construisaient eux-mêmes leur maison, récoltaient leurs céréales, pétrissaient leur pain et tissaient leurs vêtements. Aujourd'hui, l'essentiel de ce que nous consommons est produit par un réseau de grandes et lointaines...
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Atelier E.B: Passer-By
Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie examine the world of mannequins and retail display. This book looks at radical thinkers and makers who dissolved the line between fine art and commercial display, and pieces together a compelling narrative that encompasses ethnography, statuary,...
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Fashion spaces: a theoretical view
Social media has brought a new type of space into the world of fashion retail. When architecture and fashion meet in the creation of ephemeral spaces for the immediate presentation of new collections, for example, these temporary but real spaces...
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Steel cities: the architecture of logistics in Central and Eastern Europe
In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, a certain type of industry has rapidly developed—an industry that produces nothing physical. Storing, packaging, classifying, assembling, and other ancillary processes of manufacturing and distribution are carried out 24/7 in extensive logistics...
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Vacant Spaces NY
This project began by walking around our neighborhood noticing empty storefronts. Once we saw them, they were everywhere. They followed us, appearing quietly throughout New York City. Many with no signage, no "for rent," no "coming soon." Usually empty, sometimes...
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