Hiroshi Hara with Mikio Wakabayashi and others - Meanwhile in Japan
In the fifth volume of the CCA Singles series, Hiroshi Hara is in conversation with Mikio Wakabayashi. He revisits his publications from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s on architectural principles—“porous body” theory, “floating architecture,” and “homogeneous space”—and on the...
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Prospects Beyond Futures, Counterculture White Meets Red Power
In the second volume of the CCA Singles series, Robert J. Kett revisits the Indigenous occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969 to 1971 and uncovers other designs for the Rock from within the counterculture.   This book is the result...
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Abolish Human Bans: Intertwined Histories of Architecture
In the fourth volume of the CCA Singles series, Esra Akcan builds on her theory of architectural translation to construct an activist gesture—through the lens of architectural history—against the anti-immigration policies of ruling powers. To contest the alleged inaccessibility of...
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Itsuko Hasegawa with Kozo Kadowaki and others - Meanwhile in Japan
In the third volume of the CCA Singles series, Itsuko Hasegawa is in conversation with Kozo Kadowaki and revisits her earliest projects. The conversation was held in Tokyo with the participation of Chié Rokutanda, Mikio Wakabayashi, Yutaro Muraji, Takehiko Higa, Teppei Fujiwara,...
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Documents from Gordon Matta-Clark's personal library
This book recounts Stefano Graziani’s experience of finding Gordon Matta-Clark’s personal library while exploring the CCA Collection.   The library consists of seventy publications that cover a wide range of subjects from architecture and art history to alchemy, communications, cultural...
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