Tools n° 02 : Le tissage
À travers un état des lieux historique, des reportages en usine, des décryptages de savoir-faire, et des pièces iconiques, Tools livre une enquête sur le tissage d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, en accordant une grande attention à celles et ceux qui fabriquent...
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Architettura Attenuata
Une série de dessins du designer italien iconique Ettore Sottsass. Né en Autriche et installé à Milan, Sottsass a étudié l'architecture au Politecnico di Torino de Turin. Après avoir passé la majeure partie de la Seconde Guerre mondiale dans un camp...
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Deserts are not empty
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Deserts are not empty
Colonial and imperial powers have often portrayed arid lands as “empty” spaces ready to be occupied, exploited, extracted, and polluted. Despite the undeniable presence of human and nonhuman lives and forces in desert territories, the “regime of emptiness” has inhabited,...
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Lina Bo Bardi: Material ideologies
Lina Bo Bardi is renowned for her boldly modernist designs like the São Paulo Museum of Art and the culture and leisure center SESC Pompéia. An artist, architect, designer, writer, and activist, she was a tireless champion for local craft...
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Graphic design is (…) not innocent
This volume questions ingrained approaches, values and assumptions of graphic design in globalized societies. It aims to initiate a dialogue between designers, scholars, critics and commissioners, who investigate responsibilities, potentials, politics, limits and risks of designing visual communication. How innocent...
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Satoshi Tsuchiyama: Heat of sand
After living for several years in the chaos of influences that is New York, the visual artist Satoshi Tsuchiyama realized that it is Israel that is the world’s hub for contemporary dance. His experiences of working with both dance and...
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How to live with objects: A guide to more meaningful interiors
In the modern home, it matters less whether your interior is perfectly appointed and more if it’s authentically personal, unique, and filled with the objects you feel a connection to. Through inspiring home tours and practical advice on how and...
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The office of good intentions. Human(s) Work
In twelve essays, this book examines the spatial typologies and global phenomena that have defined the office in the last half century. Topics include the return of the work club, the rise of the corporate festival, the way of the...
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Decolonize museums
The idealized Western museum, as typified by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, and the Museum of Natural History, has remained much the same for over a century: a rarified space of cool stone, providing an experience of...
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The curatorial condition
In spite of the heightened interest in the curatorial since the late twentieth century, the structural conditions and potentials underpinning its special sociocultural status have yet to be defined. Taking this as a starting point, in this book, Beatrice von...
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Apartamento 30
Featuring: Solange Knowles, Alejandro Gómez Palomo, Kitty Brophy, Mel Ottenberg, Ángela de la Cruz, Channa Daswatte, Levan Koguashvili, Avani & Raghu Rai, Woody De Othello, B+, Clayton Patterson, Yasmine Dubois & Brian Rogers, Jon Gray, Ugo La Pietra, Wilfredo Prieto,...
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Catalog design progress: Advancing standards in visual communication
A meticulously created facsimile edition of a classic work on design by the progenitor of today's information design. Long before the internet and its vast stores of information in digital form, information in analog form needed to be organized so...
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Vers un art anthropocène : L'art écologique américain pour prototype
Comment un mouvement artistique entièrement consacré à l'écologie et apparu aux États-Unis au cours des années 1960 a-t-il pu passer pratiquement inaperçu jusqu'à aujourd'hui ? Telle est la question au cœur de cet ouvrage qui retrace les conditions d'émergence et...
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Marble in metamorphosis
Marble in Metamorphosis contemplates the physical and cultural life of marble. It explores the ethics, politics and symbolism of its use and deliberates over the spirit of the material and why some cultures so revere and desire it. In reflecting on...
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Peter Cook on paper
CAD 80.00
Peter Cook on paper
English architect and writer Sir Peter Cook, renowned for his free-thinking spirit translated into architectural lines and shapes, is perhaps most well-known as the co-founder of the avant-garde architectural group Archigram in the 1960s. A selection of his drawings is...
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Back to the office: 50 revolutionary office buildings
Now that technology has made it possible to work almost anywhere - and since the COVID-19 pandemic forced so many to work from home - we have a conflicted relationship with the office. Desperate to work again in physically shared...
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2G 84: MOS
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2G 84: MOS
This 2G monograph celebrates the craft and ingenuity of MOS, the Harlem-based architecture and design studio founded by Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith in 2005. Recipient of the 2015 Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum National Design Award in Architecture, MOS...
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Barozzi Veiga
CAD 88.00
Barozzi Veiga
This publication on the Barcelona-based architectural firm Barozzi Veiga presents about 30 projects from 2004 to the present - a selection of the most important works developed around the world in places such as Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, China and more. Barozzi...
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Spatializing justice: Building blocks
Spatializing Justice calls for architects and urban designers to do more than design buildings and physical systems. Architects should take a position against inequality and practice accordingly. With these thirty short, manifesto-like texts—building blocks for a new kind of architecture—Spatializing Justice offers...
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Alternative histories
Acknowledging that architecture is a corpus of inherited ideas, Alternative Histories began with a question: could a contemporary architect, with their own references, make a model that would respond to a drawing from the past? This book collects the 85...
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Gordon Matta-Clark: An archival sourcebook
Gordon Matta-Clark has never been an easy artist to categorize or to explain. Although trained as an architect, he has been described as a sculptor, a photographer, an organizer of performances, and a writer of manifestos, but he is best...
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Bauhaus : L'idée qui a changé le monde
La première décennie du XXe siècle a été marquée dans toute l'Europe par une forte volonté de changement portée par les jeunes, avec la force et la joie. Dans ce contexte, l'idée du renouvellement prônée par Bauhaus passait par la...
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Avec le dessin
Premier ouvrage consacré au travail de dessin du designer Pierre Charpin, ce livre réunit une sélection de près de 120 œuvres tirées de différentes séries réalisées entre 2005 et 2022. Si le dessin est une discipline artistique, il constitue également...
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Unannounced voices: Curatorial practice and changing institutions
Alternative forms of curatorial and institutional work suitable to our novel conditions, when the relationship between physical and online work must be revised.   In our current era of global pandemic and violent political upheaval, the question must be asked:...
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Lacaton & Vassal: Free space, transformation, habiter
Lacaton & Vassal has designed private and social housing, cultural and academic institutions and public spaces that reflects its advocacy of social justice and sustainability. Here, the winners of the 2021 Pritzker Prize present their oeuvre of four decades through...
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Point de vue sur l'architecture: Dialogue. Protopiro et Didascalo
Point de vue sur l'architecture, dialogue théorique publié par Giovanni Battista Piranesi en 1765 contre les expériences néoclassiques françaises, anglaises et allemandes, est certainement le texte le plus radical de l'histoire de la théorie architecturale moderne. Selon Hanno-Walter Kruft, il...
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Inscriptions: Architecture before speech
Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech presents a theory of contemporary architecture that spans the work of 112 practices in 750 images. Against the popular characterization of contemporary architecture as a centerless field where anything goes and everything is possible, this book argues...
CAD 83.00
Sur la projettation : Pour une pragmatique architecturale
Par un travail de lecture et d'étymologie attentive des traités d'architecture, de Vitruve à Vittone, Bruno Queysanne nous révèle un aspect peu connu de ces textes « classiques », dans lesquels les architectes laissent de côté leur rhétorique savante et...
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Dogma: Living and working
CAD 59.95
Dogma: Living and working
Despite the increasing numbers of people who now work from home, in the popular imagination the home is still understood as the sanctuary of privacy and intimacy. Living is conceptually and definitively separated from work. This book argues against such...
CAD 59.95
The City, The Island
Alice Pedroletti has been investigating several thematics parts of her practice and long ongoing research: islands, boats, archives, cartography, architecture, writing. This publication is a collection of contents and hints, from graphic design to sculpture, from editorial projects to database...
CAD 38.95
Sasha Maslov: Ukrainian railroad ladies
Ukrainian Railroad Ladies is a series of portraits of traffic controllers and safety officers at railroads of Ukraine. This project is also an exploration of why these professions still exist in the 21st century, given the almost entire automatization of...
CAD 52.95
Stanley Greenberg: Olmsted trees
Frederick Law Olmsted (1822–1903) is considered the father of landscape architecture in the United States for his creation of several renowned urban parks and park systems around the country. Whether in Central Park in New York, the Emerald Necklace in...
CAD 59.95
La grève humaine : Et l'art de créer la liberté
La pratique de l'écriture constitue une partie intégrante de sa recherche, aussi bien visuelle que conceptuelle, autour des questions de la valeur, la liberté, l'économie et le féminisme. Les textes ici réunis ont des registres différents qui vont du théorique...
CAD 35.00
If walls could speak: My life in architecture
Over more than five decades, legendary architect Moshe Safdie has built some of the world’s most influential and memorable structures—from the 1967 modular housing scheme in Montreal known as “Habitat” and the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel, to the Crystal...
CAD 49.50
In Miami in the 1980s: The vanishing architecture of a paradise lost
This publication celebrates a lost vision of Miami: the architectural golden age it enjoyed in the 1980s, when the subtropical city experienced a profound synergy between art and architecture. In these years, Miami's architects partook of the discipline's international discourse,...
CAD 82.95
RO-SÉ: A book as a bridge
RO-SÉ offers a glimpse into the possibilities offered by Nathalie Du Pasquier's oeuvre, which can be approached, interpreted, and experienced from countless perspectives. It is the very vastness and variety of her work, and her inspirations, that make its exploration—and...
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2G 83: Smiljan Radic, houses
CAD 75.00
2G 83: Smiljan Radic, houses
The work of Chilean architect Smiljan Radic (born 1965) has found international acclaim following his superb 2014 Serpentine Gallery pavilion in London. TThis 2G issue features a selection of the houses built by Radic throughout his nearly three-decade career, from his extension...
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Planet B: Climate change and the new sublime
Nicolas Bourriaud invites artists from all around the world to question the contemporaneity of the romantic concept of the sublime, at the age of the anthropocene.   The awareness of climate change modified our collective relation to the earth in many...
CAD 32.00
Building for change: The architecture of creative reuse
Architects are adapting existing buildings to create new spaces for a more conscious future. The urban fabric changes more slowly than our spatial needs, accelerated by digital technologies and new lifestyles. The trick for canny architects lies in an ingenious...
CAD 95.00
L'architecte et la femme au foyer
Dans son atelier, qui est aussi son salon, Frances Stark se demande si elle ne serait pas devenue une Femme au foyer. Elle observe avec amusement et lassitude les artistes hommes qu’elle associe à la figure des Architectes parce qu’ils...
CAD 19.00
Beyond the collaboration
How do you tell the story of a friendship? How do you trace the roots of one of the most significant cross-disciplinary unions in fashion today? Artist Sterling Ruby and fashion designer Raf Simons did just that when they sat...
CAD 22.00
Inga Navickaitė: Pusiniai namai / Half Houses
Projektas Padalink pusiau prasidėjo nuo estetinio galvosūkio – ar namui nestinga antrosios pusės? Keletą metų vis grįžtant į Vilijampolės gatveles ir kiemus, šis galvosūkis netrukus apaugo įvairiais kontekstais. Kompozicinis stygiaus pojūtis žvelgiant į tuščią erdvę šalia pusinių namų, įtaigiai atliepia šios...
CAD 49.95
Aires Mateus: Architectural terrains, Five investigations
Of the around 20 biennials and triennials worldwide devoted to architecture, the Venice Architecture Biennale is the most prominent, considered as the world''s leading biannual architecture festival. The participating architects selected every second year come from around the world to...
CAD 110.00
Vitruvius without text: The biography of a book
De architectura, written by Vitruvius in the first century BCE, is revered as the first treatise on architectural theory. Since its Renaissance resurrection, the enigmatic text has been adapted, refined, and redefined in subsequent iterations. ‘Vitruvius Without Text’ bypasses critical...
CAD 44.00
The fabricated landscape: Domestic, civic, territorial
The Fabricated Landscape (June 26, 2021–January 17, 2022, Heinz Architectural Center, Carnegie Museum of Art) presents projects from ten contemporary international architectural practices that are exceptionally responsive to the communities, localities, and cultures in which they are situated. This exhibition...
CAD 40.00
Augures : Laboratoire des nouvelles pratiques architecturales
Le catalogue de l'exposition à la première Biennale d'architecture et de paysage d'Île-de-France.    Avec Construire le territoire, Architecture Workroom Brussels, AWP, Appareil & IAAC, Barrault Pressacco & Giaime Meloni, Baukuh, Sabri Bendimerad & Monique Eleb, Black Square, CAB &...
CAD 44.00
The Continuum was performed in the following manner: Notes on Documenta 14
  It's 2013 and Adam Szymczyk, one of the most radical curators on the international scene, is called to direct the most important contemporary art exhibition in the world. Szymczyk and his team move the exhibition outside the borders of...
CAD 30.00
Amy Sillman : Faux pas, écrits et dessins
Combien pèse une couleur ? Comment une forme peut-elle être politique ? Les peintres ont-ils besoin de Freud pour analyser leur passion pour les pots de peinture ? Est-ce qu'une toile peut avoir de l'humour ? L'abstraction gestuelle est-elle forcément...
CAD 39.95
Résister, encore : Œuvres d'art, culture & démocratie
Réunissant des essais inédits de philosophes, théoriciens de la culture, activistes et historiens de l'art de renommée internationale, ce volume constitue une boîte à outils pour aborder les théories et pratiques contemporaines de résistance.   Articulant études de cas spécifiques...
CAD 38.95
Not available
Spectres III : Fantômes dans la machine
Le troisième numéro de la publication annuelle consacrée à l'expérimentation sonore et musicale, autour de la question des intelligences artificielles.   L'expression « fantôme dans la machine » a trouvé naissance dans un contexte particulier, celui de la critique du...
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