Real Review 12
The people and things we want feel very far away. Everything else feels far too near. Daily life is incorrectly calibrated. Lockdown kept us painfully apart. The virtual keeps us painfully together. Everyone wants the same thing. We all crave...
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Project stories volume 01 : Atelier Tomas Dirrix, Studio Muoto, Erika Nakagawa Office
Project Stories takes an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the stories of built projects to offer an insight into the nature of architectural practice today.   The book series invites an eclectic constellation of architectural practices from across the globe to...
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Čatnosat: The Sámi Pavilion, Indigenous Art, Knowledge and Sovereignty, Biennale Pavilion Norway 2022
For the first time, Sámi artists will present their art and worldviews at the 2022 Venice Biennale as a sovereign call representing their homeland of Sápmi. The project for the Sámi Pavilion revolves around three key elements: transgenerational relations, holistic...
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Everyday matters: Contemporary approaches to architecture
Many architects are seeking ways to respond to a world that suffers from overbuilding, yet where millions remain homeless and lack rudimentary infrastructure. Beyond the built form, these practitioners are expanding their focus to quotidian objects, basic resources, issues of race...
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ARN Vol.2
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ARN Vol.2
Faisant suite au premier volume paru en 2021, L'Atlas des Régions Naturelles Vol.2 est la continuité du projet entrepris par Eric Tabuchi et Nelly Monier il y a cinq ans. Poursuivant la volonté de documenter de façon égales les 450...
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Dogma: Living and working
Despite the increasing numbers of people who now work from home, in the popular imagination the home is still understood as the sanctuary of privacy and intimacy. Living is conceptually and definitively separated from work. This book argues against such...
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Radical pedagogies
In the decades after World War II, new forms of learning transformed architectural education. These radical experiments sought to upend disciplinary foundations and conventional assumptions about the nature of architecture as much as they challenged modernist and colonial norms, decentered...
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E 1027 : Renaissance d'une maison en bord de mer
À l'occasion de la réouverture au public de la maison, entièrement restaurée au plus près de son état de 1929, ce livre relate son histoire replacée dans le contexte de l'architecture moderne. Jean-Louis Cohen a assemblé les contributions d’une équipe...
CAD 99.95
Sam Chermayeff: Beasts
Sam Chermayeff: Beasts presents the latest furniture collection by the Berlin- based architect and designer, following his previous project-turned-book, Creatures (Apartamento Publishing, 2020). These ‘beasts’ actively merge typologies: a chair becomes the base of an umbrella; a closet becomes a place to sit,...
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Wiel Arets: Nature is nature
A monograph on the architecture and design studio of Wiel Arets, Nature is Nature encompasses drawings, images, diagrams, texts, theories, sketches, and more. In his work and philosophy, Arets engages with the relations between humans and nature, interior and exterior,...
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Transbordeur n.06 : L‘image verticale. Politiques de la vue aérienne.
L’histoire des vues aériennes est liée au développement des moyens de locomotion aériens qui, depuis le XVIIIe siècle, produisent de nouveaux points de vue fixes et mobiles sur la terre. Des premières montgolfières aux drones contemporains, les dispositifs de vision...
CAD 54.95
Faire : Regarder le graphisme – Volume 10 (n° 35, 36, 37)
Les numéros 35 à 37 de la revue critique consacrée au graphisme. nº 35 — Un œil : le regard des artistes sur le monde moderne 1911-1938. Auteure : Sonia de Puineuf. nº 36 — La photographie suspendue : Herbert Bayer. Auteur : Remi Parcollet. nº 37 —...
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Project without form: OMA, Rem Koolhaas and the 1989 laboratorium
In 1989, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture developed a new architectural typology helmed by the Dutch architecture firm's founder Rem Koolhaas (born 1944). The goal of this endeavor was to enact a "project without form" as part of an international...
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Victor Prus : Architecte de la modernité. Guide d'architecture
L’objectif de cet ouvrage est de mieux faire connaître ce grand architecte et de rendre hommage à sa contribution à l’architecture québécoise. En première partie, le guide présente les principaux jalons de la carrière de Victor Prus et met en...
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Dixit n.03 : Nature Morte / Still life
The third issue of the critical review Dixit in which the words of the architectural practice OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen and the Brussels artist Richard Venlet confront each other around the theme of "Still Life".   The completion of the...
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Cooking Sections: Offsetted
Established in London in 2013 by artists Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, and nominated for the 2021 Turner Prize, Cooking Sections examines the systems that organize the world through food, exploring the overlap between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics...
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Services Working Group
Folio F presents complete transcripts from the ground-breaking working group on labour relations and institutional governance in the arts organized in 1994 by Helmut Draxler and Andrea Fraser at the Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg.   Held on January...
CAD 25.00
Natura urbana: Ecological constellations in urban space
A study of urban nature that draws together different strands of urban ecology as well as insights derived from feminist, posthuman, and postcolonial thought.   Postindustrial transitions and changing cultures of nature have produced an unprecedented degree of fascination with...
CAD 40.00
Manifestes 1: Manifesto of interiors, thinking in the expanded media
Interior architecture today operates at the intersection between physical and mediated spaces, such as those of mass communications, digital platforms or visual arts. Considering any form of representation as potentially architectural, from writing to photography, drawing to cinema, Javier Fernández...
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Not available
On the necessity of gardening: An ABC of art, botany and cultivation
For centuries, the garden has been regarded as a mirror of society, a microcosm, in which the broader relationships between nature and culture are played out on small scale. From this long cultural tradition also raises a call for a...
CAD 47.00
Marcel Lods : Éduquer à l'architecture moderne
Si l'œuvre de Marcel Lods est, pour une assez large part, connue de tous en France comme à l'étranger, force est de constater qu'une part substantielle de sa réflexion sur l'architecture et planification territoriale demeure à ce jour sinon ignorée, à...
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Apartamento 29
Featuring: Claudia Roden, Minjae Kim, Duane Michals, Alice Mackler, Alvaro Siza, Solveig Fernlund, Joan Thiele, Choi Byung-hoon, Marco Glaviano, Sydney Loren Bennett, Reza & Mamali Shafahi, Alvaro Matxinbarrena, Sarah Ortmeyer, Kunle Martins, Mounir Neamatalla, and Brian Harding.   Plus: Allen...
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Archivio: UCSC Centenary Edition
This special edition was conceived on the occasion of the Centenary of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, which relied on Promemoria to talk about its archives through a new perspective and an unusual format as proposed by the editorial...
CAD 28.00
Gerry Johansson: Spanish Summer
Over more than three decades, Gerry Johansson has brought his shrewd and sensitive eye to bear on peripheral landscapes the world over, from Ulan Bator to Antarctica. Spanish Summer sees him return to one of the first places that captured his imagination:...
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On Bramante
CAD 53.00
On Bramante
In On Bramante, architect Pier Paolo Tamburelli considers the work of the celebrated Italian Renaissance architect Donato Bramante and through this reappraisal suggests a possible agenda for current architectural practice. Bramante, Tamburelli argues, offers an excellent starting point to imagine a...
CAD 53.00
Migration: The journey of objects
Museums rarely present objects as migrants. Yet they often arrive there by way of a migratory process, a historical echo of the flows of migration that have dominated the news over the past decade. As individuals migrate, so do cultures,...
CAD 65.95
Museum of the future: Now what?
Following and completing the acclaimed publications Museum of the Future (2014) and The Private Museum of the Future (2018), this new volume proposes a global mapping of museological thinking in our unprecedented times to respond to the need to rethink...
CAD 39.95
Concrete and ink: Storytelling and the future of architecture
What role does storytelling play in urban imaginaries? How do these imaginaries converge or diverge from reality? Can we use stories to test ideas for future architecture? This volume brings together commissioned writing in fiction and nonfiction, graphic stories, illustrations...
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Not available
Not available
The Archipelago conversations
CAD 22.00
The Archipelago conversations
A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii (meaning 'island texts') is a very small publication; each issue of which focuses on a different, stand-alone theme or idea.   The sixth edition is titled The Archipelago Conversations and...
CAD 22.00
Modern instances: The craft of photography
'Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life.' Giorgio de Chirico   Stephen Shore's Modern Instances: The Craft...
CAD 60.00
ARN Vol.1
CAD 68.95
ARN Vol.1
The Atlas des Régions Naturelles Vol. 1, as its name suggests, is the first of a series representing a singular photographic adventure, unique in terms of both its scope and its duration. Launched five years ago, its objective is to...
CAD 68.95
Not available
Not available
Amazonia: Anthology as cosmology
CAD 39.95
Amazonia: Anthology as cosmology
Amazonia: Anthology as Cosmology is devoted to Amazonia, its peoples, allies, and nonhuman spirits, and their myriad material and immaterial practices, from certain cosmopolitics and visual languages to past and present forms of resistance. In all their various lines (and circles)...
CAD 39.95
Beyrouth : Les temps du design
C'est dans une situation pleine de paradoxes qu'une scène du design se développe au Liban dès 2000, et se voit rapidement saluée par les critiques, les foires et l'ensemble des acteurs de la branche. Cette effervescence du design au Liban...
CAD 63.00
Seth Fluker: At water
At Water is a new collection of landscape photographs by Seth Fluker depicting water in its many moods and textures across Canada and Japan.   Seth Fluker was born in 1982 in Ontario, raised in British Columbia, and now resides...
CAD 25.00
Luigi Ghirri: Puglia. Tra albe e tramonti
Puglia. Tra albe e tramonti offers a brilliant account of Luigi Ghirri’s relationship with Puglia — a distinctive region at the heel of Italy, which was pivotal in establishing Ghirri’s career and continued to inspire him throughout it. A first visit...
CAD 80.00
The women who changed architecture
A visual and global chronicle of the triumphs, challenges, and impact of over 100 women in architecture, from early practitioners to contemporary leaders. Marion Mahony Griffin passed the architectural licensure exam in 1898 and created exquisite drawings that buoyed the...
CAD 72.00
(How) do we (want to) work (together) (as (socially engaged) designers (students and neighbours)) (in neoliberal times)?
A critical discussion about work is urgently needed—in the field of design as much as anywhere else. Since 2011, Studio Experimentelles Design at the HFBK Hamburg has experimented with local design-assistance projects carried out within the framework of the St....
CAD 35.00
Pairs 02
CAD 20.00
Pairs 02
The second issue of Pairs is an opportunity to refine the vision and concepts that shaped the journal’s inaugural issue in spring 2021. In Issue 02 the editors present a new collection of conversations with designers and thinkers from a range of...
CAD 20.00
Mohamed Bourouissa : Périphérique
In this series of photographs, Mohamed Bourouissa chose to appropriate the codes of history painting by staging scenes with his friends and acquaintances in the Paris banlieues where they used to hang out. Confrontations, gatherings, incidents, looks, and frozen gestures...
CAD 86.95
Vacant Spaces NY
This project began by walking around our neighborhood noticing empty storefronts. Once we saw them, they were everywhere. They followed us, appearing quietly throughout New York City. Many with no signage, no "for rent," no "coming soon." Usually empty, sometimes...
CAD 80.00
Retail apocalypse
As shopping shifts online and the economic shocks associated with the coronavirus pandemic push bankruptcies to unprecedented levels, retail is facing its own version of the end of days. The arsenal of commercial techniques that retail has developed can no...
CAD 75.00
Empathy revisited: Designs for more than one
This book brings together ideas and projects that seek to define a new role for design based on empathy. As a mediator of emotions and feelings, design is presented here as a practice that takes care as its main purpose....
CAD 38.50
Climates. Habitats. Environments
Modeling the curatorial as a method for uniting cultural production and science, ''Climates. Habitats. Environments.'' weaves together image and text to address the global climate crisis. Through exhibitions, artworks, and essays, artists and writers transcend disciplinary boundaries and linear histories...
CAD 79.00
Royden Rabinowitch
Le MAMCO, qui a montré Royden Rabinowitch dès son ouverture publique en 1994, possède un ensemble d'une trentaine de ses œuvres, composé essentiellement de sculptures en acier, mais aussi de dessins et de toiles, constituant l'un des plus importants ensembles...
CAD 42.00
Global Tools: When education coincides with life, 1973–1975
Global Tools 1973–1975 documents and narrates the story of the eponymous experience of Radical Design and its multidisciplinary school program "without students or teachers." The Global Tools journey began with its foundation in 1973 by groups and figures drawn from...
CAD 70.00
Aerodream : Architecture, art, design et structures gonflables
Des premières exploitations industrielles et militaires aux œuvres et happenings réalisés par de nombreux artistes, designers et architectes, Aerodream - Architecture, art, design et structures gonflables retrace une histoire du gonflable et du pneumatique des années 1950 à nos jours....
CAD 80.00
New Geographies 12: Commons
The commons as a contested political idea has been continually articulated and reproduced in many disciplines and in relation to specific historical and geographical contexts. Since the 1960s, the concept of commons has started to play an increasingly important role...
CAD 45.00
Not available
Antonis Pittas: Jaune, Geel, Gelb, Yellow. Monochrome
Conceived by Antonis Pittas, this eye-catching neon publication examines the failure, collapse, and historicization of the modernist ideals espoused by Theo van Doesburg, set against the political backdrop of mass protest. It therefore more broadly presents an examination of modernism...
CAD 70.00
Harvard Design Magazine 49: Publics
Harvard Design Magazine 49: Publics questions how public spaces—the physical, the cultural, and the theoretical—operate in a fragmented social and political environment, both in the US and abroad. Guest editors Anita Berrizbeitia and Diane E. Davis convene leading public intellectuals, scholars, and practitioners in...
CAD 21.48
L'architecture selon Gordon Matta-Clark
Gordon Matta-Clark a produit un corpus d'œuvres d'une grande diversité. Expérimentations sur la matière, installations, performances, découpes architecturales, dessins, films, photographies, ou photomontages témoignent de cette multiplicité de démarches et de mediums explorés. C'est au travers de ses découpes (cuttings)...
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