Real Review 10
We can't go back, but we don't want to. Nor can we go on like this much longer. What will emerge from such a transitional phase, when the civic body is so lacking in health (physical, moral, political and economic)?...
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Pairs 01
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Pairs 01
Pairs is a student-led journal at the Harvard GSD dedicated to conversations about design that are down to earth and unguarded. Each issue is conceptualized by an editorial team that proposes guests and objects to be in dialogue with one another. Pairs is...
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Manifest 3: Bigger than big
What does it mean to grapple with the immensity of the continent itself? For the third issue, Manifesto aims to highlight propositions that have taken seriously the 'bigger than big'—design and representational experiments aimed at narrating, framing, or enacting the...
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fig. n.06 : antithèse
Dans la continuité du dernier numéro consacré à l’oxymore, fig. décide de prolonger les réflexions sur les notions de contraire et de contradiction dont notre époque déborde, à travers ce nouveau numéro consacré à l'antithèse.   Attendez-vous de l’architecture qu’elle...
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El Croquis 206: Studio Anne Holtrop, 2009-2020
Dutch architect Anne Holtrop started his own practice in 2009 and completed his first two major projects in 2015, Museum Fort Vechten in the Netherlands and the National Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain. In some of his works, form...
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Harvard Design Magazine 48 : America
“A terrible mechanism [is] on the march, its gears multiplying.” So begins the 48th issue of Harvard Design Magazine, guest edited by Mark Lee, chair of the department of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Florencia Rodriguez, editorial...
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Archivio n.05: The Nineties Issue
The archives of the 1990s.   Every person is a memory. Memory which may be conjured up by joining the dots between what the subject has experienced over the years, starting from a personal history—which allows for a certain clinical-narrative...
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Ness 3: What's an object?
In the Browser section, cultural player Agustin Schang interviews Matevz Čelik Vidmar, founder of the Future Architecture Platform; Berlin-based artist Sarah Entwistle shares personal musings in working with her grandfather's archive; Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba talks about the lightness, transparency,...
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Dixit n.01 : Hyperconfort, Bruther & Laurent Stalder
Premier numéro de la revue critique d'architecture publiée par Cosa Mentale, dans lequel les voix de l'agence d'architecture Bruther et de Laurent Stalder, professeur en Histoire de l'architecture à L'ETH, se confrontent autour du thème de l'« hyperconfort ».   Doit-on sortir...
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Transbordeur n.05 : Photographie et design
Le cinquième numéro de Transbordeur explore l’histoire des relations entre photographie et design du XIXeau XXIe siècle. Différentes thématiques sont abordées : la photographie du design et le rôle de la photographie dans les publications liées à ce champ ;...
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The Funambulist n.35 : Decolonial ecologies
In the issue’s “News From the Fronts,” Shamsher Singh provides a Sikh perspective on the massive farmer strike from Punjab to Delhi, Sara Salem reflects on the legacies of colonialism in the Netherlands, and Panashe Chigumadzi & Hopewell Chin’ono converse on the struggle against corruption and...
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Log 50 fall 2020
From the economic to the political, from public health to the climate, models seem to run the world. In architecture, the model is no longer just a physical tool for conceptualizing or representing architects’ visions but must also encompass digital...
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Superposition, n.1: Hardcore home
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Superposition, n.1: Hardcore home
Superposition is a periodical, investigating the human side of architecture. Based in Europe and founded in 2020 by a group of architects and artists – Leo Bettini Oberkalmsteiner, Tibor Bielicky, Max Creasy, Ellena Ehrl and Dominic Kim – ''Superposition'' is...
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Pli n.06 : Minimal et maximal
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Pli n.06 : Minimal et maximal
Le minimal décrit ce qui atteint son plus bas degré ; quant au maximal, il incarne la valeur la plus haute, l'échelon maximum. Pour autant, le minimal décrit-il un effacement, ou une épure extrême ? Face à cela, doit-on considérer ce...
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A+U 604: Bicycle urbanism
This issue focuses on bicycles. Bicycles are truly representative of small mobility as a means of transportation and are deeply rooted in people’s lives around the world. Yet cycling has not been incorporated into city planning, and its potential has...
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Faire - Regarder le graphisme, volume 08 (n° 27, 28, 29, 30)
Les numéros 27 à 30 de la revue critique consacrée au graphisme. n° 27 — Rhizomes de Londres. Archigram et images mentales de la ville. n° 28 — Un format : la conférence. n° 29 — Girls : Esthétisation du politique et manipulation du divertissement. n°...
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Apartamento n.27
Featuring: Sabrina Fuentes, Pedro Friedeberg, Lucia Pescador, Alex Streeter, Tabboo!, Victor Barragán, Anders Frederik Steen & Anne Bruun Blauert, David Numwami, Luo Yang, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron & Seth Cameron, Leopold Banchini, Larry Stanton, Mario García Torres, and Roger Herman.  ...
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