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The Archipelago conversations
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The Archipelago conversations
A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii (meaning 'island texts') is a very small publication; each issue of which focuses on a different, stand-alone theme or idea.   The sixth edition is titled The Archipelago Conversations and...
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Slow disturbance: infrastructural mediation on the settler colonial resource frontier
From the late nineteenth through most of the twentieth century, the evangelical Protestant Grenfell Mission in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, created a network of hospitals, schools, orphanages, stores, and industries with the goal of bringing health and organized society to...
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Inventer l'école, penser la co-création
Les équipes pédagogiques dont il est question dans ce livre étaient persuadées qu'il fallait transformer radicalement le système scolaire pour contrevenir à la reproduction sociale et il·elle·s l'ont fait ! Véritable terreau d'inventions éducatives, relationnelles, institutionnelles, ces expériences ont beaucoup...
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Leafy house plants
The cultivation of house plants does not always prove to be easy. With many plants there are special peculiarities that should be considered. In 1899, the German botanist Udo Dammer wrote down his knowledge of the ins and outs of...
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Kind of boring: Canonical work and other visible things meant to be viewed as architecture
Being boring (or boringness) has been one of the qualities of architecture an architect desperately tries to avoid. Not to provoke (or at least try to provoke) some reaction from one’s audience is to admit to a lack of ideas...
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Paths to prison: on the architecture of carcerality
As Angela Y. Davis has proposed, the "path to prison," which so disproportionately affects communities of color, is most acutely guided by the conditions of daily life. Architecture, then, as fundamental to shaping these conditions of civil existence, must be...
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The language of secret proof: Indigenous truth and representation. Critical spatial practice 10
The Language of Secret Proof challenges the conditions under which Indigenous rights to protect and regain traditional lands are currently negotiated in United States legal frameworks. This tenth volume in the Critical Spatial Practice series responds to the urgent need for...
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Architects after architecture: alternative pathways for practice
What can you do with a degree in architecture? Where might it take you? What kind of challenges could you address? Architects After Architecture reframes architecture as a uniquely versatile way of acting on the world, far beyond that of...
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Everyday matters: Contemporary approaches to architecture
Many architects are seeking ways to respond to a world that suffers from overbuilding, yet where millions remain homeless and lack rudimentary infrastructure. Beyond the built form, these practitioners are expanding their focus to quotidian objects, basic resources, issues of race...
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The Extreme Self
If you’re wondering why the inside of your head feels so strange these days, this book has the answers. The Extreme Self is a new kind of graphic novel that shows how you’ve been morphing into something else.   It’s about the...
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Concrete and ink: Storytelling and the future of architecture
What role does storytelling play in urban imaginaries? How do these imaginaries converge or diverge from reality? Can we use stories to test ideas for future architecture? This volume brings together commissioned writing in fiction and nonfiction, graphic stories, illustrations...
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Preservation, sustainability and equity
Heritage occupies a privileged position within the built environment. Most municipalities in the United States, and nearly all countries around the world, have laws and policies to preserve heritage in situ, seeking to protect places from physical loss and the...
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Making space: Women and the manmade environment
Making space is a pioneering work first published in 1984 which challenges us to look at how the built environment impacts on women’s lives. It exposes the sexist assumptions on gender and sexuality that have a fundamental impact on the...
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Slow spatial reader: Chronicles of radical affection
Slow Spatial Reader offers a collection of essays about ‘Slow’ approaches to spatial practice and pedagogy from around the world. The book’s contributors are from twenty-four countries on five continents. Each one brings distinct philosophical and disciplinary approaches—from ‘spatial’ fields...
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Formulations: Architecture, mathematics, and culture
In Formulations, Andrew Witt examines the visual, methodological, and cultural intersections between architecture and mathematics. The linkages Witt explores involve not the mystic transcendence of numbers invoked throughout architectural history, but rather architecture’s encounters with a range of calculational systems—techniques...
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Governing by debt
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Governing by debt
Experts, pundits, and politicians agree: public debt is hindering growth and increasing unemployment. Governments must reduce debt at all cost if they want to restore confidence and get back on a path to prosperity. Maurizio Lazzarato’s diagnosis, however, is completely...
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Écrits naturels
À la recherche du temps perdu de Marcel Proust a rendu internationalement célèbre le nom de Ruskin. Mais l’image ainsi donnée de son œuvre est biaisée, car John Ruskin (1819-1900) n’était pas qu’un spécialiste de Turner ou de l’architecture gothique....
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Learning to live together: Cars, humans, and kerbs in solidarity
We are on the verge of sharing our cities with autonomous vehicles. Recent developments in driverless technologies are having an impact on our urban environment, raising questions about how self-driving vehicles could be integrated into our daily lives. Automotive and...
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The new curator: Exhibition architecture and design
The New Curator: Exhibiting Architecture and Design examines the challenges inherent in exhibiting design ideas. Traditionally, exhibitions of architecture and design have predominantly focused on displaying finished outcomes or communicating a work through representation. In this book, Fleur Watson unveils...
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Social matter, social design: For good or bad, all design is social
Social matter, social design challenges the way we look at, think of, and interact with the social world by emphasising the role of materiality. This enlarged field for engagement demands that design incorporates a more nuanced and complex reading of...
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« Alternatives » à la prison
Que penser des « alternatives » à la prison ? À l’occasion d’une conférence donnée à Montréal peu après la publication de Surveiller et punir, Michel Foucault avance l’idée que les sanctions « alternatives », loin de rompre avec l’emprisonnement,...
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Proxemics and the architecture of social interaction
Architecture is a constant presence in the study of human interaction- acting as both the ground on which human social behavior is performed and a means of shaping subjectivity itself. ''Proxemics'' was an attempt to visualize and instrumentalize these dynamics,...
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