CP138 Gordon Matta-Clark: Readings of the archive by Yann Chateigné, Hila Peleg, and Kitty Scott
This book unpacks the comprehensive Gordon Matta-Clark collection at the CCA (CP138), opening it up to provisional readings from different points of view. Yann Chateigné reorganizes Matta-Clark’s library into areas of inquiry, from alchemy to psychoanalysis, as a framework for...
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Documents from Gordon Matta-Clark's personal library
This book recounts Stefano Graziani’s experience of finding Gordon Matta-Clark’s personal library while exploring the CCA Collection.   The library consists of seventy publications that cover a wide range of subjects from architecture and art history to alchemy, communications, cultural...
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Cutting Matta-Clark: The Anarchitecture Investigation
This book pursues the legendary but elusive 1974 exhibition, Anarchitecture. Conceived of as an anonymous, photographic statement about the intersection of art and building by the research collective Anarchitecture Group, the exhibition is a constant reference point in discussion, regardless of...
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Gordon Matta-Clark: splitting, cutting, writing, drawing, eating
American artist Gordon Matta-Clark is perhaps best known for the site-specific artworks he made in the 1970s. His body of work includes performance and recycling pieces, space and texture works, and his “building cuts”. Matta-Clark used a number of media...
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Gordon Matta-Clark : Open house (v.f.)
Pièce majeure de la collection du MAMCO de Genève, Open House, créée à l'origine à SoHo (New York) durant le printemps 1972, est la seule œuvre de grande dimension de l'artiste américain Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) conservée par une institution.  ...
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Gordon Matta-Clark: Open house
In 1972, Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–78) installed a dumpster on the street between 98 and 112 Greene Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, an architectural artwork he called Open House. Matta-Clark used discarded, scavenged materials—old pieces of wood, doors—to subdivide the space...
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L'architecture selon Gordon Matta-Clark
Gordon Matta-Clark a produit un corpus d'œuvres d'une grande diversité. Expérimentations sur la matière, installations, performances, découpes architecturales, dessins, films, photographies, ou photomontages témoignent de cette multiplicité de démarches et de mediums explorés. C'est au travers de ses découpes (cuttings)...
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