Éric Tabuchi : Atlas of forms
Ouvrant sur une série de constructions sphériques, comme s’il s’agissait du chantier des mondes, pour se conclure sur l’image d’un bunker renversé, c’est à une longue divagation, une sorte de mélopée hypnotique avec ses récurrences et ses variantes, ses répétitions...
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Aglaia Konrad: Japan Works
Aglaia Konrad’s photographic work probes the social, cultural, economic, political, and historical parameters that inform architecture and urbanism. 'Japan Works' is the result of her journey through Japan in the autumn of 2019. Using a pre-compiled list of places with...
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New Waves: Takashi Homma 2000-2013
Takashi Homma’s New Waves is a deeply considered pictorial reflection on the interaction between land, sea and sky. While these works join a familiar pictorial tradition that stretches from the paintings of Turner to the contemporary photographs of Hiroshi Sugimoto,...
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Takashi Homma: Tokyo and my daughter
The intention behind Takashi Homma: Tokyo and My Daughter is best explained by the photographer himself: “I love my daughter very much. I love Tokyo very much.” Homma’s (born 1963) affection is nearly tangible in this series of 32 color...
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Takashi Homma: Vedove/Widows
Extremely accurate in concept and printing, Vedove/Widows has been published in an edition of 350 copies. The project is the result of the cooperation between Andrea Botto and Francesco Zanot, respectively director and curator of the annual Rapallo Fotografia festival, who entrusted...
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Messico 1935/1956: Josef Albers
Unpublished photographs taken by Josef Albers during his travels to Mexico with Anni in the 1930s and 50s.   Josef and Anni Albers began their travels to Mexico in 1935, drawn to a country very unlike the United States. They...
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The intimacy of making: three historical sites in Korea
Swiss French photographer Hélène Binet takes us on a visual journey through a world of stone, walls and gardens that define and celebrate the Korean art of making. In pure and calm photographs, The Intimacy of Making captures the traditional...
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Thomas Demand: House of card
Published on the occasion of a solo exhibition of Thomas Demand’s work at Belgium museum M Leuven in October 2020, this book focuses on Demand’s relationship to architecture and his engagement with architects over almost fifteen years. The starting point...
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Silent Blocks
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Silent Blocks
Au printemps 2020, à Toronto, David Cayley, ancien journaliste scientifique pour la radio publique canadienne et écrivain, s'interroge sur la pandémie. En s'appuyant sur sa connaissance des travaux philosophiques de son ami Ivan illich, il se demande si « l'ontologie...
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